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Darul Uloom Abu Bakr is an Islamic institute of education established by Mufti Siraj Desai. The Darul Uloom serves as a base for coordinating various Islamic activities in Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

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It will not be permissible for Muslims to view this particular video series for the following reasons:
Videos of animate objects
Pictures of animate objects.

Semi nude pictures of women
Weird  pictures that are purported to be shaytaan or the devil.
Background Music.

The above factors are prohibitions in Islam and based on this alone the Arrivals dvd may not be viewed. Furthermore, there is no urgent or pressing need to watch such a dvd; hence it cannot be argued that due to necessity sometimes a haraam can become halaal, as in the case of a dying person being allowed to eat pork or drink wine.

Besides the aforementioned factors, the creators of this dvd have inclined towards sensationalism as well as dramatizing events that are no more than what they appear to be on surface. There is nothing in Islam that supports such an approach. The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasalam) spoke at length about the signs of Qiyaamat, and he forbid people from delving too deep into matters of Deen, especially the signs of Qiyaamat. Had Allah so intended, events of this modern century could have been clearly predicted by His Messenger, but Allah sufficed with mentioning a few signs of Qiyaamat in very clear terms. The policy of Shariah is as Sayyiduna Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) mentioned: “Leave as a mystery that which Allah has made a mystery”  In other words, if Allah has left something vague and obscure then He has very good reason to do so. We should not try and delve into the depths of the matter in order to unravel the mystery.  In so doing we endanger our iemaan.  It is also a test of self-control for the nafs and intellect of man that Allah kept certain things hidden and unexplained.  Almighty Allah wished to see what extent we can curb our curiosity by accepting matters of the future without trying to unearth that which is beyond the realm of our understanding.

While the sequence of events strung together in the Arrivals dvd and integrated with the signs of Qiyaamat mentioned in Quran and Sunnah might appear very appealing and logical, the reality may be something entirely different, simply because all those episodes are man-made and the product of the human mind, and that too, humans who have no Islamic knowledge or standing. We, therefore, should not blindly believe what is shown on that video.

Watching such videos also creates a type of a paranoia among people and instils fear for imaginary enemies. This is not ideal for a Muslim, who needs to be imbibed with only fear for Allah. Experience has shown that people who studied and wrote about the Freemasons, created such hype among Muslims that some believed these people were invincible and controlled every nook and cranny of the universe. Others again became so intimidated by the so-called World Bankers who controlled the global economy that they almost believed these behind-the-scenes figures could do whatever they wished to the finances of the world. That is almost giving them power that is possessed only by Allah Ta’ala. Such a concept is highly detrimental to our iemaan and Trust in Allah The Almighty.

In that video mention is also made of the twelve Shite Imams. This, too, is a totally un-Islamic concept which innocent Muslims may accept and believe. The cornerstone of the Shia religion is belief in twelve Imams, but such belief has no roots in Islam.

The authors of the video state at the beginning that they are neither Sunni nor Shia, and that they don’t subscribe to any math-hab. This says a great deal about the religious background and standing of such people. One wonders whether they are Muslims in the first place. One who boasts of not following a math-hab in today’s times is off the straight path and will lead others into falsehood and misguidance. One who avers that he is neither sunni nor shia, has not understood the system of Islamic belief.

Another important factor to take cognisance of is that reading conspiracy theories or watching videos of this nature that were composed by unknown people, or people whose identity is ambiguous and obscure, carries a high iemaani risk. When a film is attractive and appealing to the mind, and captivates the attention of the viewer, one might just be influenced by an incorrect belief and un-Islamic statement that will pass by unknowingly. This  is particularly so because most of the viewers are ordinary Muslims who have no strong grounding in Islamic knowledge. In fact, such an audience is the target of this video.

In short, there are several factors that make it un-Islamic and impermissible to watch videos of this nature and we urge Muslims to refrain with immediate effect. Already thousands have seen this video and have become so fascinated by it that they have passed it on to friends and acquaintances. We confine ourselves to the Divine Teachings of our Shariah and believe in whatever signs of Qiyaamat the Quran and Sunnah have mentioned. The rest we leave to Allah. Most importantly, we need to equip ourselves with good a’maal and strong iemaan to prepare for the events that will unfold before qiyaamat. Watching such videos and getting carried away in the hype they create is of no benefit or consequence.

May Allah Ta’ala guide us and grant us strong iemaan, and save us from the deception of Shaytaan and his followers, aameen
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