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American (In)Justice PDF Print E-mail
On Thursday 23 September 2010, Pakistani born Dr Aafiya Siddiqui was sentenced by a Federal Court in New York, America to 86 years imprisonment. This pronouncement is, for all intents and purposes a life sentence, but to rub salt into the wounds of this young lady, wounds that the oppressive American Regime had caused, the zhaalim judge had to articulate the sentence in terms of years, rather than just say ‘life’.
‘Eighty six years’ is far more profound in effect, not to mention dramatic, a characteristic the Americans always seem to have a special aptitude for.

And what was her crime?  Dr Aafiya, a neuroscientist (one who specializes in treating the nervous system of the human body), was charged with, and convicted of attempting to shoot American soldiers three years ago in Afghanistan. The fallacy of this whole farcical case is that she was arrested in Pakistan for a crime allegedly committed in Afghanistan, and tried and convicted in a federal court in New York! This makes an absolute mockery of the American Justice System. Clearly, the American government has abandoned all principles of Justice to steam-roll a conviction in this case. It was a question of guilty until proven innocent. Sadly, poor Aafiya had no way to prove her innocence, since the only witnesses to the incident were the very American soldiers she was accused of wanting to shoot.

This idiotic trial is just another addition to the litany of discrepancies that punctuated the so-called investigation of her alleged crime. From Pakistan to Afghanistan, to the eventual courtroom of New York, her whole case was plagued with false submissions, lies, fabricated evidence, and suppression of vital information. This has been confirmed, not by Muslims, but by Western Journalists themselves. A quick Google search will bring up several reports to substantiate what we have written here.

Dr Aafiya Siddiqui, 37, is accused of picking up an M-4 Army rifle and firing two rounds at a team of Americans who tried to question her in Afghanistan on July 18, 2008. Prosecutors argue she screamed, “Allah Akbar” and vowed to kill Americans before she was wrestled to the ground. She allegedly had two pounds of poisonous sodium cyanide and hundreds of pages of notes and documents on how to build chemical and biological weapons.

The horrendous irony of this whole debacle is that none of this evidence was produced in court; neither the poison, nor the “hundreds of pages of notes on chemical weapons” The American Constitution, considered a prestigious document in their circles, prides itself on cache phrases like ‘democracy’, ‘justice’, fairness; and even ‘Christian morals and values’, yet the actions of these kuffar will make even the Prophet Jesus (upon whom be peace) hang his head in shame. Religion means nothing to people who are hell-bent on safeguarding their worldly interests. They will do so at the expense of every single principle in the book.

It is worth quoting the words of Barrister Jawaid Iqbal Jafree, an attorney at law in Pakistan who wrote an open letter to the Muslim Observer. This letter was in refutation of one Rafia Zakariya in America, an apparent sympathiser of American justice.

Since July 2008 I had kept her (Miss Rafia) informed about the suffering and predicament of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui who was actually brutally kidnapped and subject to illegal and ruthless rendition along with her three innocent children, from Karachi in 2003, and not arrested from Ghazni in 2008 as has been scurrilously (and falsely) claimed by CIA/FBI functionaries and aficionados. The reprehensible maltreatment of Aafia is a felony of designer Bait and Switch. The most pressing question here is not what’s happening (regretably so!) in Pakistan to other oppressed men and women; more relevant is the fact that Rafia Zakaria who is on the Board of the American Civil Liberties Union never protested the grave ill-treatment that has been meted out to (Dr) Aafia who was transferred without any cause or judicial/extradition proceedings to New York.

The Afghan Government as well as the United States Officialdom violated, inter alia, the Geneva/Vienna Conventions and Treaty of Friendship and Commerce between Pakistan and USA [1959] by not immediately informing the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul (this would have been the case had she been really arrested in Ghazni); instead the  Pakistani Embassy in Washington was informed.

Aafiya is victim of the fascist syndrome: “Call a person a dog and then shoot him”. The neo-improvisation and re-phrasing of that Syndrome is that before a predetermined shooting of an innocent victim,  just have three or four heavy-weight American soldiers falsely claim that their chosen victim-to-be shot at them first by grabbing their gun that was lying on the floor. As a former Assistant Attorney-General in the USA, I know that laying-down a machine gun on the floor is never done under such circumstances. The Jury returned the verdict of “Guilty” based on verbal evidence of Aafiya against four bought-off witnesses. Law will accept the impossible but not the improbable and unreasonable. Let us not be somnambulant about that.”

Recent news reports indicate that the defence team are considering an appeal against this unjust sentence. We can only make dua, in earnest and with great fervour, that Allah Ta’ala grants success to this appeal. Let this also be an eye opener to the complacent among us, who enjoy the comforts Allah has granted us, while oblivious to the suffering and pain of people like Dr Aafiya. In fact, there are hundreds of others whose incarceration and agony go by unnoticed and un-reported. The American Government, especially its tyrannical henchmen, the CIA, have a dark history of secret renditions.

Guantanamo Bay bears mute testimony to this evil. The story of the silent sufferers that pass through these dungeons of torture has yet to be told.

We make dua that Allah Ta’ala grant succour and relief to our Muslim brothers and sisters who still languish in the secret prisons of these kuffar, aameen. May Allah Ta’ala bring about the downfall and eternal damnation of those who commit injustice against his innocent servants, aameen Ya Rabal-Aalameen.
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