Darul Uloom Abu Bakr

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Darul Uloom Abu Bakr is an Islamic institute of education established by Mufti Siraj Desai. The Darul Uloom serves as a base for coordinating various Islamic activities in Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

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Darul Uloom Abu Bakr of Port Elizabeth has, through the Grace of Allah Ta’ala, established its Darul-Uloom in Port Elizabeth four years ago. This is the first and only Islamic Learning Facility of its kind in the entire Eastern Cape region.


We offer the following learning facilities:


1)                  Full Boarding and Lodging: All meals and amenities for students provided.

2)                  Hifz course for full time and part time students.

3)                  English and Maths classes for full-time students.

4)                  Full Alim course, including Urdu and Arabic.

5)                  Basic two-year Arabic course

6)                  One year Imamat course.

7)                  Primary Madresa education for school learners.


Recreational Activities include archery, cycling, and horse-riding by expert instructors.


We cater for students from all backgrounds and from all areas.


The Darul-Uloom has a Da’wa and Publications department that publishes booklets, newsletters, Madresa text books, and other literature for free distribution. This department also oversees 15 maktabs in the Eastern Cape Province, most of which are situated in rural areas. These maktabs provide Islamic education to children in outlying areas, who normally would not be able to attend any Madresa. Da’wah work is also done from these maktabs, as well as social and welfare work.


The PE Darul-Uloom also has a welfare department that provides food and assistance to the destitute in our region.


We accept sponsorships for needy students, as well as any of the above programs. We also welcome sponsorships towards running costs and maintenance, including remunerations for teachers and staff.


Sponsor any of the above activities and earn thawaab-e-jaariyah on behalf of yourself or loved ones that have passed on. Deposit directly into our bank account number:


Account Number: 53420084386

First National Bank

Branch Code: 210517


When making a deposit, please fax remittance advice indicating Lillah, Zakaat, or Sadqa to: 041 457 1326

For more details contact the Principal: Siraj Desai on 084 574 9891 or 041 457 4989

Admission for the next academic year is now open. Phone the principal 041-4574989 for details.

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